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Five Steps to Creating Your Basic Information Product Plan


“Create your own basic information product plan”

Between content marketing and information products, it’s obvious that the one thing that the 21st century wants is information. People just can’t get enough facts, data, figures, secrets, details, and inside knowledge. It provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to leverage their knowledge into a viable . Since information products can be about anything and any subject, it’s little wonder that many writers and developers sometimes struggle with writer’s block and cannot come up with a possible product. The other thing that they struggle with is, not knowing how to give their product an increased visibility. Learn how to and incorporate it into your info product creation strategy by checking out
In some cases, the writers may have the idea, but they might not know how to get it started. Fortunately, you can use the following steps to help get started with your information product.

Ask the Key Questions


“Always ask the key questions”

When it comes to an info product creation strategy, it’s best to start off with a series of questions. Ideally, the information product you develop is one that you will be passionate about and that you can offer to your customers with enthusiasm. People can tell when a salesman is just trying to make a sale because it’s his job. A salesman who passionately and enthusiastically believes in the product that he’s selling tends to make significantly more sales. That salesman’s gift is the ability to convey and share his belief in the product with his target audience. So the first question that you need to ask is what are you passionate about and why are you passionate about it.
You may find that this gives you numerous topics to go through. If you’re just starting out, look at the ones that you are most passionate and the most excited about. So long as you’re prepared to do the necessary research and marketing, you can find a target audience for just about every interest. Specialty groups and select social media platforms have developed for people with all kinds of interests and passions ranging from knitting and crocheting everything they own to taking care of horses. In your analysis, also give weight to the amount of knowledge you already possess, the amount of research necessary, and the speed with which you think you can complete the project.
The next question you must ask yourself is who this product will be for and what kind of product is it. In some ways, these two questions inform one another. Once you know your target audience, you can find out the best form to present information. On the go young professionals, for instance, may not have time for hour long YouTube videos, but they may have time to download and listen to a 10 to 15 minute podcast. When answering this question, articulate the benefits that your target market can get from your product.

Research Your Market


“Market research is imperative for the promotion of your product”

Even if you know a great deal about your target audience, you still need to take the time to research it. Demographics and statistics change every day. Before you can craft an effective info product creation strategy, you need to know what your target market is looking for, where they’re looking for, and what they want from it. When researching your target market, check out forums, magazines, online publications, blogs, and the local hangouts to see what your market wants. Take the time to scope out your competition as well. Check to see what keywords they are maximizing on their websites as well as the different forms are using for their information product development. You may not be able to get an actual copy of their info product creation strategy, but you can generally gather a good estimation of their general strategy for observation and analysis.
The research stage of your product is one of the most important parts. Through this, you’ll gain fascinating insight into your market as well as opportunities to differentiate yourself from the competition. With more than 500,000 new blog posts shared every day, you have a lot of competition for your viewers’ attention. Until you have established yourself as a reliable authority in your particular niche, you need to go out and find your market. You can’t wait for them to come to you.

Create a Written Plan for Your Info Product Creation


“Writing your plan is a great idea”

Business Insider recommends that all businesses, no matter what their size, develop a written business plan. The purpose of the business plan is to provide an objective standard for activities relating to the business and for achieving that business’s goals. You don’t have to be running a formal business or even an informal one to benefit from a written plan. When you develop your info product creation strategy, you should also develop a written plan that details what you want to accomplish, the tools you plan to use to accomplish it, the time frame in which you want to accomplish it, and your anticipated budget.
To make this written plan even more effective, take the time to break down each section into as many specifics as possible. Detail the specific marketing strategies to intend to use, list the info products you plan to create, and break down all of the expenses you anticipate incurring within the next six months to one year. The more detailed that you make this plan, the more useful it will be.

Outline the Product and Potential Sub Products That May Develop Later


“Prepare for the next phase of your business plan”

Regardless of the kind of form you choose for the product creation, outlining your product will help you tremendously. Writers’ Weekly recommends that all writers outline their eBooks, promotional pieces, and other products so that they have a clear idea of where they want to go. Crafting an outline can take a fair amount of time, but if you create a detailed outline that includes the research and the points that you want to make as well as an overview of your examples, you will be able to create the content significantly faster. An effective info product creation strategy focuses on high quality content with a fast turnaround. With your outline in place, you lessen the chances of rabbit trailing or not making your point.
Your outline should also contain information for additional products that may be developed using the same research. For instance, if you’re planning on releasing an eBook on a certain subject, you may also decide that you want to release five podcast at regular intervals on chapter highlights or specific issues targeting the book. You might also decide that you want to guest blog on a topic that you touch on in that book. Make sure to schedule in these sub product development so that you don’t forget them later.

Prepare and Then Publish the Content

Once the outline is completed, you’re ready to start crafting the content. In most cases, some element of writing is going to be necessary. Even if you’re just going to be releasing videos onto YouTube or if you plan to prepare an online course through Siminars or Ruzuku, you will benefit from having a written script. The Content Creator Class strongly recommends having a script in front of you even though you should not read it out loud while you are giving the presentation. The purpose of the script is to keep you on track and make sure that you remember all of the key details. For other products like eBooks and blog posts, writing is obviously necessary.

After you prepare the content, take the time to edit it. Have a professional editor for someone who is demonstrated exceptional skill and editing go through the product and check for accuracy, grammatical correctness, typographical correctness, consistency, and overall coherency. After you receive the recommended edits, make them and then publish the content.

Crafting a Satisfying Self Directed Course with the Udemy eLearning Tool

“Create a self-directed course for eLearning”

“Create a self-directed course for eLearning”

Whether you decide to use the Udemy eLearning tool or the Articulate eLearning tool or another, one of the decisions you have to make is whether you are going to use an instructor directed course or a self-directed course. The benefit of an instructor directed course is that you can generally charge significantly more money for that course. The instructor and student connection provides more value for most students. The benefit of a self-directed course, on the other hand, is that once the courses developed, you can set it up as a passive source of income.
While you should go and update the course on a regular basis to keep it competitive, you don’t need to put as much effort into maintaining a self-directed course as you would an instructor directed course. The Udemy eLearning tool makes it easy to do this, but you need to make sure that the course you create is just as satisfying for your students. We have reviewed the platform as well, check out and learn more about Udemy eLearning tool. This way they come back to your website to get more of your information products and more of your courses.

Create a Detailed Outline Before Writing

“Make a well-detailed outline for your course”

“Make a well-detailed outline for your course”

In creating a satisfying self-directed course, it’s best to start off with a detailed outline of what the course is supposed to accomplish. If you just throw together a course without analyzing the structure and what you want to accomplish, you will probably encounter a number of problems. While these problems would be an issue for any course no matter where it was published, self-directed courses make this more problematic. As the instructor, you won’t be available for comment. You can’t explain why certain gaps are in the material or why you chose to cover the topics in the order you chose. By crafting a detailed outline in advance, you can get a bird’s eye view of the entire course before you finish writing it. This way you can make sure that the course will provide everything that the students need.

Prepare an In-Depth Syllabus that Includes Instructions

One of the most basic things that you can include to make the self-directed course more satisfying is an in-depth syllabus that also includes instructions. Often times, instructors who use the Udemy eLearning tool just dropped the content into the course. Sometimes they organize it, but usually not before they then direct Udemy to start promoting it. While students can usually figure out what they need to do, you will make the course much easier for them to understand and use it you provide them with a syllabus.
The syllabus may be anywhere from two to five pages. In it, you should explain the purpose of the course, the goals of the course, and what the students should expect. From there, you might give a recommended time for completion on each of the components, or you might leave that up to the student’s discretion. But adding this little detail can make your students feel that the course is more professional.

Place the Course Sections in Order of Use

“Indexing the course material is important”

“Indexing the course material is important”

It’s a simple thing but make sure that if you have multiple course sections in separate files that they are all placed in order of use. It doesn’t matter, whether you use chronological or a prioritized basis for putting the sections in order. Just make sure that students can open the eLearning platform, click on the first section, and get started.

Include Recommended Resources

A great way to make a self-directed course more satisfying is to provide a list of recommended resources. These resources can obviously include some of your other products, but it’s best to include books, courses, movies, and other forms of information that you don’t necessarily control. It adds to the perceived value of the course by showing the students’ ways that they can further enhance their knowledge. Some of the best online courses include a list of recommended resources at the end of each section so that the instructor can provide more customized information. Remember that you can also link to high quality websites as well as books and other more traditional resources.

Provide Solutions for Getting Necessary Feedback

One of the biggest challenges for students who invest in self-directed courses is getting feedback on the work that they do. Obviously, you don’t have the time to help them with this process. But you can provide solutions for them to get that necessary feedback. For instance, if your online learning course relates to essay writing, you might include links to some online critique groups that accept novice writers. Provide any additional information that they may want to know before signing up on these critique groups such as the general policy for new writers to critique three to five submissions for they submit their own.
By providing solutions for feedback, you enable the students to use the self-directed course to get everything that they need. It might seem counterintuitive because obviously you want to be able to get students to sign up for instructor based classes that cost more. Some of these students may decide to use self-directed courses for most of their online learning career. Others may appreciate the time that you’ve taken and decide that they would be willing to receive your personalized instruction. Of course, if you plan on only offering self-directed courses, it’s in your best interest to make each course as satisfying as possible so that students will continue to sign up for them.

Make It Clear That It’s a Self Directed or Independent Course

As basic as it may seem, make sure that you are clear from the very beginning that the course is a self-directed or independent course. All too often, students sign up for courses without understanding the fact that the course may be an independent course. When you as the instructor do not participate in the site or give them feedback, the . Save this frustration for both of you and just include the word “self directed” or “independent” in the title as well as in description.

Recommend Further Courses and Information Products for Study

“Don’t forget to recommend your other courses”

“Don’t forget to recommend your other courses”

At the end of the course, make sure to recommend further courses and information products for the student to continue with her studies. You don’t want to make this a blatant advertisement, but obviously you can and should include references to your other information products and courses. If possible, include links to free resources, courses, eBooks, etc. By interjecting free options as well as your other product options, you decrease the sales affect that may turn off some students.
The fact that you have already provided the student with a high quality course that has met her expectations makes it more likely that she will purchase additional courses and information products from you. Name recognition plays a significant role in marketing, which is part of the reason that most businesses fight so hard to . You don’t have to include a heavy hitting sales page at the end of your course. Often times, it’s enough to include recommendations. If you’re running a special or decide offer a discount to current students, put that on a separate page.

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Why You Should Not Be Ashamed of Self Publishing

It’s quite ironic that many authors and writers tend to feel a sense of shame when they admit to other authors that they’ve chosen to self publish their novels. As CNET points out, independent filmmakers and independent musicians refer to themselves as “indies.” They have rejected the corporate publishing streams and pursued their craft and passion. Slowly the stigma of authors self publishing their work has started to abate, but it’s not yet there.
Traditional publishing houses, agents, and the like can no longer say that self publishing never works. With Fifty Shades of Grey turning into a bestseller and starting out as a self published series, it goes to show that the masses don’t care where a great story is published so long as they can find it. Self- publishing has increased significantly over the past five years, reaching an almost 300 percent increase. If you have a story inside you that you want to share, then you should not hold back because you’re afraid of the stigma of self publishing. You can take help from a very good guide that has all the . Nowadays, eBook self publishing is not a distant dream. The success of Fifty shades of grey has become an inspiration for the upcoming writers.


“Fifty shades of Grey was a self published book”

What About the Poor Quality eBooks?

One of the first criticisms launched at self published books is that they tend to be of a lower quality. Self publishing services are often confused with vanity presses, and people tend to assume that if authors cannot get into one of the traditional style publishing houses, then their work must not be worth anything. Self publishing and eBook self publishing both lowered the standards necessary to get a book in print and the cost required. But it did not birth bad authors. All it did was give bad authors the chance to see if their stories and books could make it. An estimated 90 percent of all self published eBooks are considered to be poorer than average, but these statistics reflect on the abilities of the authors, not the merits of self publishing. Good authors must push through the muck and the bad writers to prove their worth, but traditionally published authors must push through it just as much since most people don’t really pay attention to where a book has been published.


“Quality of an eBook is higher than that of a traditional book”

Thousands of now famous novelists received rejection after rejection. Beatrix Potter, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and others received stingingly critical rejection letters. Rudyard Kipling was told that he didn’t know enough about the English language or how to use it to be a writer. Editors told Ernest Hemingway that it would be in “extremely rotten taste, to say nothing of being horribly cruel” to publish The Torrents of Spring. And poor Sylvia Plath was told that she didn’t have “enough genuine talent for us to take notice.” These authors all kept slogging through the mires of traditional publishing houses, trying new opportunities whenever they could. Only after a significant period of time did they manage to publish their now famous bodies of work. Sadly, who knows how many other authors and poets gave up on their dreams? Just because an editor could not see the potential.

You Set the Standard in Self Publishing


“The choice of the quality of your eBook depends on your investment”

When it comes to self publishing, you are responsible for your finished product. Obviously, you must choose a service for book and eBook self publishing, but in the end, that’s your responsibility, not the self publishing industry. You have control of your eBook. You can make it everything that you wanted it to be.
Self published authors who make it must work even harder than those who are published through traditional publishing houses. In the Guardian, Alasdair Stuart warns that self publishing is fine, but it takes a significant amount of work. The successful self published authors know that they set the standards for their overall quality, and they take that task very seriously. While you may face some challenges with distribution, remember that the quality of the eBook will be determined by the way that it looks, the , and more. Readers don’t check for the publishing house, and most readers actually don’t care if a book is self published or not so long as it tells them a good story or gives them what they want.

A Completely Blank Canvas


“You can create your eBook the way you want”

When you decide to sign on with a traditional publishing house, your work becomes subject to other people’s input. In some cases, you may have no choice but to bow to their desires if you do not want to lose the contract. Traditional publishing houses obtain a vested interest in the rights of your book. They have significant control over the final product, and they can request all kinds of things. Numerous authors have had to cut out sections of their books, alter endings, or give up on the ultimate reasons that they wrote the book, all for fear of losing that canvas.
Choosing to self publish is choosing to focus on the goals of why you became a writer in the first place. While it is not an excuse to avoid editing and it is certainly not a shortcut, eBook self publishing allows you to be true to that original vision. You have to realize that it is not a guarantee for success. Self publishing gives you the opportunity to present your book to the masses. It does not guarantee that they will love it. It’s up to you to make that happen, but the beauty of it is that you have an entirely blank canvas to work on. You don’t have to change the ending if you believe that would violate the core of the book. You can make it as long or as short as you wish and include all of the extras you want.

Traditionally Published Authors Have to Market their Product Too


“Traditional publishing requires a lot of effort in marketing”

One of the main criticisms that self published authors face is that they’ll have to handle all of their own marketing. But here’s the dirty little secret: traditionally published authors have to market it too. In fact, unless they happen to be one of those rare cases where the publishing house is all in to make that book a success, most traditionally published authors are in charge of virtually all of their marketing. Traditional publishing houses do not always guarantee that your book will make it onto the bookstore shelves unless they’re one of the big publishing houses like Random House.
When you self publish, you are completely responsible for the marketing efforts unless you hire someone to assist you. When you traditionally publish, you’ll be mostly in charge of the marketing efforts but on the publishing house’s time table. With your own publication schedule, you can set up a marketing strategy and set it in motion at the time that works best for you and for your book.


“Self publishing platforms take care of marketing and sales for your eBook”

When it comes to eBook self publishing, it isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not an easy way out. Some writers and authors use it as a shortcut, but if you are dedicated to your craft and pursuing a passion and a dream, then you have nothing to be ashamed of. It takes just as much work, and you can be more dedicated to the work that you have created when you follow this path.

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The Top 3 iPhone Dating Apps

The world of dating has undergone a huge change. Earlier dating was much uncomplicated but rules have changed over the years. Our lives have become more complicated and people are now looking for a faster way to meet that perfect someone. Instead of going to clubs and bars, people are now turning to different websites dedicated to dating and relationships. The advent of smart gadgets like iPhone has changed the scenario overnight and now there are dating apps to view the available singles in your area and to chat with them. You can look up their profile and learn about their interests. You don’t even have to meet them face to face. But now there are a plethora of iPhone apps in the market and it is very hard to choose the best 3. But going by public opinion and feedback reviews, here are the top 3 dating apps for iPhone.

1) Zoosk

The Zoosk iPhone dating app is the largest such app in the United States. It has subscribers in more than 60 countries and it is available in more than 20 languages. There are opportunities or chats and flirts and if someone is interested in you, alerts are sent through mobile. The users can browse and send a fixed number of messages at no extra cost and there is an option for upgrading to a premium membership. In case you are into online dating then Zoosk is the best app available in the market today.

2) Single Square

It is one-of-a-kind dating tool that allows you to meet people in real life. With this app you can check who is in your location and then stat a chatting conversation with him/her. It is basically a location based dating service that thrives on sightings of ‘single’ people in a particular area. You can also add yourself to a particular location as a single looking for a friend. There is also an option to scan the nearby places to check the number of single people who are using the .



3) Meet Moi

This application is based on Android which helps to find people based on location and not on compatibility surveys. Once you download the app you can sign up for their free service to create profile and browse through the profiles of other people and send them winks! The phone then starts tracking your location in real-time. As soon as two persons with the same interest areas come in near vicinity of each other, the app notifies both the users. However, the actual meeting obviously depends upon the two persons.

MeetMoi iPhone App Review

MeetMoi iPhone App Review

There are tons of dating applications nowadays on iPhones but the above-mentioned 3 are the best of the lot. The free option usually do not offer all the services while the paid service will actually give you access to all the features of the app and this will be a good investment in the long run. The concept of mobile dating has taken courtship to a brand new level and meeting your special someone is just a few text messages away.