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Bye Bye Beer Gut

You hate your beer gut. That belly is unsightly. It also gets in your way when you are shopping for a new shirt or having sex. The beer gut is also a sign that you are a walking health risk. In this article, l will show you how to finally loose the beer belly once and for all.

Cut Down the Drinking

Start by cutting back on your alcohol consumption. While we all enjoy our beer, if you start seeing a gut, it is time to take things slowly. Just decide before you arrive at the pub that you are only going to drink a certain number of beers. Stick to your decision once you are inside the pub. While this sounds easy, it is not. Most of us love our beers too much to think of cutting their consumption down. If you cannot keep away from you drink, keep away from people or places that encourage you to drink.

Cutting Down Not An Option for

Cutting Down Not An Option for

Cut Off Some Foods

Some foods you eat contribute greatly to your expanding waistline. The most common culprits are junk foods. Ever wonder why they people call them junk foods? These foods have no nutritional value in your body. They are also loaded with extra calories in the form of saturated fat and sugar. You are better off without these foods in your diet. By eating clean, you give your body an opportunity to burn off the extra calories packed around your waist. You also avoid many health dangers attributed by experts to the consumption of junk foods.

Eat These Foods

While readjusting your diet, you still need to feed your body. The best rule to apply when you are trying to lose the gut is to ensure that you eat foods with more roughage and less calories. The roughage makes you feel full with lesser caloric consumption. Fruits and vegetables are the best option. For your carbohydrates, eat whole grains. Whole grains help you to meet your energy needs in a healthy way. Eat lean meat, egg whites, or white meat to meet you daily protein requirements. Always drink 8 to 10 glasses of water to avoid dehydration.

Exercise Regularly

You will need the water since you have to incorporate exercise in your efforts to get rid of your belly. While fat loss largely depends on what you eat, exercise goes a long way in helping your body get rid of the excess fat stored around your waist. You must exercise every day for about an hour. If you have not exercised for a while, you can exercise thrice during the week. Build up the frequency as you get more accustomed to the exercise. Use any that you enjoy as this helps you stay committed.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Benefits of Regular Exercise

By following the tips above, you should see a marked improvement in the size of your tummy. Do not be too eager for results. If your belly took some time to grow, it will take time to come off. Stay committed and enjoy the process.