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3 Tips To Make Your Woman Share Her Sexual Fantasies

Not everyone is confident about sharing his or her sexual fantasies. A few men are quite shy to share their thoughts. However, this concern often goes to women. Ladies have fetishes and fantasies that they can’t seem to share to the opposite sex because of fear of judgment. They also don’t want to be embarrassed.

If you have fantasies that haven’t been fulfilled by your partner, you’ll keep on getting frustrated. The best thing to do is to let your lover know. Considering that women are typically self-conscious and lack self-esteem, every man should know how to get her to open up about her fantasies. How can you do this? Here are 3 easy tips to make your woman open up to you:

1.) Share your fantasies to her

Sharing your fantasies to her will encourage her to open up. She’ll feel comfortable talking to you in no time. However, you shouldn’t share everything in an instant. Do it slowly. Look at her reactions before you continue with the details.

A woman has to trust the person for her to share things she never thought she’d ever reveal. It’s one of her greatest secrets and she only wants to discuss it with someone she feels comfortable with.

2.) Tell her that you’re an open-minded individual

During the first try, you should already tell her that you are open-minded. Tell the woman that you don’t mind exploring sexual fantasies. Women like to share their fantasies to guys who are open-minded and who won’t judge them.

How to Get a Woman Into Bed

How to Get a Woman Into Bed

3.) Play a game of Truth or Dare

Sounds silly, eh? It might sound like a game that only horny students in college play, but it can actually work in your favor. It’s even better when you play it inside the bedroom. Before you start, make sure that the two of you are naked. When she says “Truth”, let her express her deepest sexual fantasy. You’ll be amazed with how women stick to the rules of this game and immediately share their secrets to you. No wonder why guys love this game.

It feels good to always play

It feels good to always play

Knowing her sexual desires is important if you want to have a great sex life. You might think that you’ve been satisfying her, yet the truth is she isn’t happy with you. She might have other plans in mind, but she just can’t express it to you. Guys have to be aware of what their lovers want. Don’t make assumptions. Even if she loves the sex, she’ll always dream about her fantasies and hope that someday you’ll satisfy her desires. Don’t wait for her to lose interest in you. Let her open up to you. Once she tells you her darkest secrets, be sure to make them come true.